Modded KsEditor (v6)

With all my respect and appreciation, default ksEditor has some problems, so I’ve tweaked it a little. To use it you have to download it and put into folder with ksEditor.exe (without replacement).


  • App loads fbx file from arguments
  • Persistance autosave (optional)
  • Shortcuts: Ctrl+O, Ctrl+S, etc
  • Use arrows to change shader properties (hold Ctrl, Alt & Shift to change delta value)
  • Async loading (nothing serious, just ui doesn’t freeze)
  • App remembers previous kn5 filename
  • Errors handling improved

Maybe later I’ll fix something else. If you have any ideas and suggestions, tell me.

Download (v1, ksEditorAt.exe only)


Update 1.2.2 broke modded app, so here is Assetto Corsa Editor from 1.1.5:
Download (v2)


Added two more shortcuts (save persistance, save without textures), and new special mode for ksanims (in which editor just creates ksanim file and closes):

ksEditorAt.exe ksanim shift.fbx

Download (v3)


Now KsEditor is much smarter! It remembers location of kn5 for every fbx you work on. Also it sets proper folder for textures, notifies when persistance or model is saved, has improved algorithm of texture updating and allow you to create brake disks (just use ksTyres material, txDirty instead of txGlow, and set dirtyLevel to something negative, like “-0.001”)!

Download (v4)


Couple of new features: now KsEditor is able to load new models with ksBrakeDisk shader (app will convert them to ksTyres with special txDirty value, so everything is pretty much perfect) and… drumroll… material library! I missed this feature so much.


Materials will be saved fully (shader name, properties, parameters, textures) in JSON-format to …\Documents\Assetto Corsa\Editor\Materials Library. But textures will be loaded only if you will hold Ctrl while choosing saved material.

No more remembering and copying what values should have materials for broken glass, interior windscreen and etc.!

Also, by the way, now materials could be easily shared. Maybe I should add some sharing and drag’n’drop functions later.

Almost forgot, third feature — ability to quickly convert fbx to kn5 by using this arguments:

ksEditorAt.exe kn5 destination.kn5 original.fbx
ksEditorAt.exe kn5track destination.kn5 original.fbx

I didn’t test this mode though. Tell me if there are any problems.

Download (v5)


Added a new menu item with 25 recent fbx files, materials saving improved, some bugs fixed.

Download (v6)


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