About Fixed Cars

Please, read it. There are few important details.

  1. Fixed cars aren’t in their final state.

    There are still a lot of things which could be done. Openable doors, proper lights, damages, dirt, correct animations, glowing brakes, baked shadows for an interior, correct materials. Sadly, I don’t have time for everything.

    And I don’t even talk about physic or sound!

  2. Fixed cars aren’t even in the same state.

    Some cars have fancy previews, some don’t. First cars didn’t get proper body & wheels shadows. My ways to work on cars is improving constantly, but since my upload speed is slow, I can’t always update obsolete cars.

    So I recommend you to use Cars Manager to update body & wheels shadows and previews. Sorry about it.

  3. Fixed cars aren’t always last version.

    I mean, they were when I fix them. But, again, I can’t always update everything. Actually, in mostly cases updates don’t include kn5 & skins, so you can just keep modded kn5 & skins.

Lets say, whole point of this site is not about some fixes, it’s about tell somebody about necessity to bake shadows & stuff. Almost in every videogame, not just in AC.


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