Some Suggestions About Models and Other Things, Part 1

There are some things which could help you if you’re going to make your own port or even model.

1. Use different materials for interior and exterior

Interior materials usually should be less reflective (otherwise you’ll get asphalt reflected on dashboard glass, for example, which is not ok) and darker (especially if you’re not going to bake interior shadows).

2. Bake shadows, even for interior, especially when it’s bright

Kind of obvious, it’s like the whole point of this blog.

3. Use FLYCAM_[L/R]_[N] to set camera trajectory

Do you sometimes wonder why Kunos cars has all those FLYCAM_… nodes? When you’re pressing “Enter” in the showroom, AC uses this nodes to accurately put camera inside of a car.

4. Animate rear axle if you has one

Just name it REAR_AXLE and fix its pivot.


5. You can animate springs without animated suspension

Add “Skin” modifier and place one of bones, for example, as child for SUSP_RR.

Some important notes:

  • Spring pivot should be in (0,0,0), Y-axis should look up
  • Spring can’t be scaled
  • Don’t set spring as someone’s child
  • Export it with “Skin” modifier, don’t collapse stack
  • Set ksSkinnedMesh shader for it in KsEditor
  • Skinned meshes have to have their own materials (you can read about it in the Pipeline)
  • As usual, every point has to be affected by at least one bone, but not more than four bones
  • If skinned mesh looks properly in showroom and KsEditor, but wrong in-game, maybe you have to readjust BASIC/GRAPHICS_OFFSET in car.ini


6. Set positive shadowBiasMult for exterior materials and negative for interior ones

It helps to decrease visual artifacts with shadows.


2 thoughts on “Some Suggestions About Models and Other Things, Part 1

  1. Thank you for this information. just have a question about the rear axle. So i just create a dummy called REAR_AXLE, generate the animation and export it as rearaxle.ksanim? Do you keep the LR and RR dummies like you would export standard animations?


    1. Glad to help.

      No, just select rear axle (mesh, group, parent object, it doesn’t matter), name it “REAR_AXLE” and place it’s pivot like on the screenshot. Without any animation, and set “ANIMATED_SUSPENSION=0”.

      AC will move it just like it moves WHEEL_… or STEER_HR nodes (by the way, if you want to get easily animated shifter, name it SHIFT_HD).

      And also forget about ksanims, they are almost dead now. DIR_ allows to animate even front suspension of Ariel Atom.


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