Some Suggestions About Models and Other Things, Part 2

Some more advice.

1. Use 4:1 proportion when you’re mapping mirrors

This is very important, but usually nobody does it! Pipeline describes how to do mirrors, but they didn’t mention required proportions. I though it’s 2:1 because of Pipeline, but reflection was stretched. So I’ve taken Alfa Romeo Mito and measured mapping of its mirrors. Result – 4:1.


2. Use MultiMap shaders, they are very useful

For txMaps: red channel is used for ksSpecular (result value will be ksSpecular×txMaps.Red, where black is 0.0 and white is 1.0), green for ksSpecularEXP (result=ksSpecularEXP×txMaps.Green), blue for fresnelMAX (result=fresnelMAX×txMaps.Blue); also it affects sunSpecular the same way as ksSpecular. Sometimes you could use one texture for txDiffuse and txMaps for optimization purposes.

3. You can set one object to be glowing as LIGHT and as BRAKE

Something like that:



Don’t look at the name, OFF_COLOR sets glow effect for use as rearlight. It doesn’t work in showroom, but works on track Nevermind, bug has been fixed in 1.3.1!

4. Blurred reflections

Basically, power of reflections blur depends on ksSpecularEXP. Glossy objects – sharp reflections, and otherwise. Also, for MultiMap shaders you can just set isAdditive to 2, this will make super-sharp reflections.

5. Tinted windows

If you want to make windows tinted, you can try to set a little negative ksEmissive (something like “-2 -1 -1”). I’m not sure about this, but it looks like a pretty good solution.


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