Top Gear Test Track

I’ve tried to make every cone in this ported track behave as physic object, but turns out AC can’t handle it. Works fine until you knock on of them and it knocks some other cone. But if you do it, you’ll get about 0.5 frames per second, which is pretty boring to play.


So I’ve just removed all cones apart from two in Hummerhead. And all unnecessary tires. If you don’t know where to go on this track, don’t use this version, otherwise – welcome!

I’d like to fix everything else, add proper grass, bake some shadows to environment, make gravel-grass transition smoother, reduce terrible texture repeating in some places, but at this moment I don’t know how to work with such big scenes. It’s huge comparing to usual car!


  • Clean up: less tires
  • Information
  • Physical objects: cones, some signs
  • Textures: gravel (to smooth transition between gravel and grass)



2 thoughts on “Top Gear Test Track

  1. Great project as Top Gear track is perhaps the very best small track, maybe even better than Tsukuba. Very interesting corners, no wonder Mclaren and Lotus use it fro testing. Cant wait for the grass etc 🙂

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