AcTools Showroom (v4; Obsolete)

UPD: This app is obsolete now, please, use Content Manager instead (its Custom Showroom is much, much better — it’s faster, more functional, supports a lot of different materials properly, has FXAA, skinned meshes support, selection, free camera, proper Ambient Shadow updating and UV export and requires DirectX 10 instead of 11):

Separate app will be released soon.

UPD: Some fixes and improvements, logging (to enable, rename exe-file to AcToolsShowroom_log.exe), GIMP support (maybe with some problems though).

UPD: Added skins editing mode.

Now you can assign this app for kn5 files and get some kind of viewer and skins editing helper. It’s not very good, but still.



  • Left mouse button: rotate scene
  • Middle (or left with Space): pan
  • Right (or mouse wheel): zoom
  • W: wireframe mode
  • F2: skinning mode (small window on top of other windows)
  • Home: reset camera
  • PageUp/PageDown (or forth/fifth mouse buttons): switch skins


About skins editing mode:

  • If any texture file of selected skin is changed/created/removed, app will reload it immediately
  • You don’t have to always use “Save As”, app will load changed psd-file instead of dds one if it has same name (without extension, of course)

A little demonstration of skins editing mode:

If you know how to deal with DirectX and/or C#, I could really use some help, by the way. There are a lot of things need to be done. 🙂



12 thoughts on “AcTools Showroom (v4; Obsolete)

  1. Great idea. I tried to skin a Nissan GT3. Unpacked the files in a random folder, chose it as default for .KN5, it´s loading the car and I can select the skin I want. But if I save .PSD the car switches black and doesn´t reload the .psd 😦


  2. This is so cool, but how do I make this work? I get “AcToolsShowroom stopped working” when I try to open .kn5


    1. Nevermind, this does not happen with v4. But now i get this:
      Unhandled exception:

      System.Exception: Direct3D Feature Level 11 unsupported
      at AcTools.Kn5Render.Kn5Render.Render.DxInitDevice()
      at AcTools.Kn5Render.Kn5Render.Render..ctor(String filename, Int32 skinNumber, VisualMode mode)
      at AcToolsShowroom.Program.Main(String[] args)

      Is there i can do something about it, or do I need to buy new GPU?


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