About Springs As Skinned Mesh

Let’s say you want to make spring animated. You add Skin modifier, add two bones and correct their envelopes.


But now there is a pretty serious problem. Here it is:

Real springs don’t work this way, do they?

You can fix it by selecting vertices by six and assigning them same weight, like this:


But this is obviously too much work. Average spring could have about 80-100 groups, and usually there are four of them. Good luck with that!

Thankfully, this task could be easily automated. Here is a superb tool.

But it won’t help you if all your springs is combined into one object. I’ve changed this script a little, now you can set start & end vertice IDs. It’s unfinished and probably buggy, but still very helpful, if you asked me.

UPD: A little how-to-use video:


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