Content Manager

UPD: Alpha-version released!

UPD: Special category for different aspects of CM. Otherwise this post is going to be too big.

Second version of Cars Manager. Without NW.js, so it has to be much more stable and extendable. Here I’m going to write how development is doing.

Content Manager_2016-02-15_02-31-14.png

As you can see, this app already has list of cars, filtering and place for tracks, showrooms and even whole game stuff (apart from online, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to add it, but who knows for sure).

Upgrade icon editor is pretty much ready, with tags, disabling and reloading.

And, of course, brand badge selector:

New parent car selection window, it should be more handy than current version:

And, by the way, filters now are much smarter!

Here is an example of new smarter filters:

I’m not sure if it will be useful, but who knows? Especially when you can have several different filtered lists at the time.

Filtering by specs and stuff:

Track, and just as a little additional feature, built-in Google Maps (with IE):

Real conditions! Silly feature, but I think it’s interesting.

Now with weather. And also I’ve found out new way to launch acs.exe. It has its flaws, but two questionable ways are still better than just one questionable way.

Themes. Not like it’s a priority feature in any way (it’s more than noticeable even on this screenshot), but WPF make it too easy not to implement:

And, of course, filters for tracks:

Presets ready! Also now it has its own icon. And also, I don’t want to make early promises, but quite possibly it’ll get online mode too!

Auto-update Previews, now more stable, with progress & presets!


Content Manager_2016-02-15_02-32-53



5 thoughts on “Content Manager

  1. So, it’s better version of AC launcher with missing tools/options. An actual WOW. It’s quite sad that you lot (modders) need to complete game devs unfinished work.

    Nice. You might earn some money with this. 🙂 I’ll mail to you later this week after I’ve donated. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wouldn’t said “unfinished work” — of course, original launcher has its own flaws, but so launchers of other games. But only with AC I can replace it with my own app, and this is, imo, great (for example, I don’t need fancy interface with tons of animations, I’m more interested in fast loading and in easy access to every option I need). 🙂


  2. Amazing stuff. The preview style should be updated though because Kunos changed the camera position in AC 1.5


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