About Number Plate

UPD: Proper Japanese number plate (33×16.5 cm): download.

Since 1.3.4 (or whatever version it was) some cars get number plate, which is nice detail.


If you want to add number plate to your car, I recommend you to use this: download, mirror.

There are .max (2013), .fbx and some textures for KN5 (don’t forget to take skin textures from, for example, M3 E92). I think it would be pretty useful if all number plates will look the same and use same texture names.


Kunos material properties:

Here is a PSD-file, which allows to create custom Kunos-style number plates (of course, with normal maps).

These number plates are better and could be created much faster.


2 thoughts on “About Number Plate

  1. Have you ever tried the nVidia Normal Map plugin for Photoshop? I’ve used it when creating normal maps for custom license plates. Works well.

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    1. No, it crashes on my PC, I don’t know why. But I usually use Crazybump, it has tons of options and very useful.

      Problem is to find a way to generate something like this programmatically (by the way, it should not work as Crazybump, letters have to be convex, but, for example, country label at the left side have to be flat).

      And, of course, I need to find a proper font which has to be as close to Kunos font as possible. Maybe you know anything I could use?


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