Peugeot 504

Injection (1.8) Berlina A02 ’68


TN Sport ’77


Author: 3d model by x4fab, physic by Dmitrii A & Lunae, sound by Dmitrii A



  • Animated suspension
  • Baked shadows, dirt, damages, etc
  • Fully original mesh & textures
  • OEM colors
  • Openable doors
  • Physic based on real data and tested by owners
  • Skins: Kunos-style previews
  • Number plates



2 thoughts on “Peugeot 504

  1. Suspension of this mod is taken from P4/5, and it’s not very suitable for Enzo, so I doubt (there are a lot of more decent mods which need some visual improvements). Sorry.

    Sorry about it, I was wrong about the suspension. But physics is still not very good, to put it mighty.


    1. Oh, good to know about that suspension. I hoped that “modders” from assettodrive for once have made something decent but it seems that it’s bussiness as usual (borrowed parts from other mods or from Kunos cars).
      Thanks for looking at the mod, anyway.


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