Custom Number Plates PSD (v2)

UPD: PSD-file updated, now it has different backgrounds, proper normals, monospace font and other improvements.

I’ve tried to get closely as possible to Kunos plates. It’s not 100% match, but, I think, close enough.

First and third — original, second and forth — from Photoshop.

First of all, you need to install proper font. You can download it here. Also, I’ve included it into the archive, just for in case.

After that, download and open psd-file. You’ll see a list of layers:

Double-click icon of “Text (CHANGE ME)” layer (it will open smart-object for editing), change text, save and close opened object. License plate will be updated.

Also don’t forget to change country (it’s defined by layer called “Background (AND ME)”).

Tip: If you hold Alt and toggle layer, all other layers will be disabled.

After editing save file as (DXT1), and then enable “Nm Part” group and save it as (DXT1).




6 thoughts on “Custom Number Plates PSD (v2)

  1. hey dude, can you do a video tutorial about this mod? i’ve tried and tried and triiiiied so many fu**ing times but i can’t get this thing to work! XD thanks in advance ^_^


  2. Hi, thanks for the file and tutorial to create the personal plates.

    But is there a way to get rid of the blue EU-labels completely?
    I want to create some german plates for older cars without the EU Batch.
    I already have the font for the old style letters and numbers, just can’t get the basic background. Or do I have to create a complete new one.

    (unfamiliar with PS)


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