Lada 2106 Club

Authors: Buzy_Wuzy, Dmitrii A, skip, x4fab

It’s not a usual fix, more like a official new version of mod.

Physics is fully reworked by Dmitrii. Spoiler is added only for very needed downforce, otherwise it was a pretty difficult to drive.


  • Animated suspension (new)
  • Baked shadows: body, roll cage, interior, body & wheels shadows
  • Breakable glass
  • Driver: position, steering animation
  • Driver’s name: could be easily changed, take a look in template folder
  • Glowing brake discs
  • Information
  • Lights
  • Materials
  • Mesh
  • Optimization
  • Physics
  • Skins: six other liveries, Kunos-style previews
  • Sound
  • Textures: body dirt, body damages, many others
  • UV: windscreen banner

Download, sources


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