Two Thousand Number Plates

UPD: Link fixed, Japanese number plates added.

I’ve made a zsh script (requires Cygwin or Linux), which can generate new number plates using ImageMagick (two textures in about 1.6 seconds!), result looks like this:

You can see this script here. It requires Cygwin with installed zsh, imagemagick and maybe something else, I don’t know. It’s the only problem with Cygwin scripts, they aren’t easy to share.

And here is 1000 number plates (000-999) with prefix “AC” and postfix “KS”, country was chosen randomly:

Script has special modes for UK, Canada, USA and Japanese numbers, and now you can add your own mode without any problems.

Another 1000 number plates (with random numbers) in Japanese style:

Just for in case, you can get model of number plate here.


4 thoughts on “Two Thousand Number Plates

    1. Sorry, fixed! But now, I’d recommend to use Content Manager to generate license plates, it allows you to generate any number plate you want with live preview:

      Also, it has a lot of various styles, which can be modified as you want. Or, new ones can be added as well. Nothing is hard-coded.


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