CM Showrooms Tab

I’ve decided to rework all pages and started with showrooms — they are the most simple of main three types of content (without skins or layouts, I have to find a way to deal with those later).

Content Manager_2016-02-18_20-49-56.png
That’s how this tab looks now. Pretty neat, if you asked me. Why does it have Country and Year fields? Just for in case.
Now user can generate optional previews for some of installed showrooms. I, for example, always confused them, trying to figure out which one is which only by pretty uninformative IDs.
Content Manager_2016-02-18_20-46-21
Don’t like sound in some of showrooms? Not a problem, you don’t even have to rename those files!
By the way, now CM has built-in image viewer, allows to open image in fullscreen mode in one simple click.
As a little addition, built-in showroom generator (based on panorama).
Content Manager_2016-02-18_20-47-50
And, of course, filtering, enabling/disabling, reloading, deleting and directory watching. It was pretty easy to fix and adjust everything with these showrooms. And since showrooms, cars, tracks and other types of content share a lot of common code, everything is going great! 🙂



2 thoughts on “CM Showrooms Tab

  1. Looks to become an impressive little application. The old manager is already very, very useful for organising mods and I imagine the new one makes things a lot more convenient. Thanks for your work, I’m looking forward to the final version.


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