Kunos Career

So, this mode is finished. At least for a beta stage.

Content Manager_2016-03-20_12-39-36
Don’t look at that error message, I broke that career by adding invalid value for testing.

Built-in video player (should be downloaded as an addon from settings) for intros:

That’s how single events look:

Content Manager_2016-03-20_12-43-44
Car’s and track’s previews appear only when window is wide enough.

CM takes AI level from event’s parameters, but it could be changed if user switched on specific option in Settings.

Content Manager_2016-03-20_12-45-35
Another option is Settings allows to change car’s skin. Because why not? Especially as an option.
Content Manager_2016-03-20_12-47-47
That’s how these options look right now, by the way.
Content Manager_2016-03-20_12-49-47
Championship mode

And, of course, receiving results from game and saving them:

Speaking of which — if you’re familiar with AC python apps and would like to help, what do you think about collecting stats? CM could receive them, store, analyze and everything.


2 thoughts on “Kunos Career

  1. Wow, we can change skins in Career Mode?! 🙂 Who would have thought it was possible haha. Incredible work, as always Xa4ab! Will definitely use this app after the 1.5 update day after tomorrow 🙂


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