Content Manager

UPD: Everything is pretty obsolete here, and I almost finished with this site at all. Please, get an actual information here instead. Or from a thread on AC forum.

Brand new version of Cars Manager. And now it’s not only a manager, but also a pretty competitive alternative launcher!
[IMG]More modes (such as Challenges or even completely original GT-like career) will be ready later.

And, of course, managing part (sadly, not all of Cars Manager features are moved yet, but they should be ready soon):[IMG]

Even fonts management:Content Manager_2016-05-10_20-45-05

Some other features:

  • Real track conditions (real time and weather);
  • Grouping cars and tracks by brands/countries/etc.;
  • Smart grid building system (based on customizable Lua-scripts; manual mode is also persists);
  • Themes support;
  • Showroom generator;
  • Geo-tags editor;
  • Replays manager;
  • Files watching (no manual reloading required);
  • Smart filters with tabs concept and browser-like hotkeys;
  • Lazy loading, small start-up times:
  • Direct mods installation or update:
  • New skins editing showroom:
    • Live skin textures reloading
    • PSD support
    • Ambient shadows updating
    • UV exporting
  • New custom showroom:

Some of coming soon features:

  • AC options;
  • Data Analyzer.

App still is deeply WIP, there might be bugs — please, be patient and report them using special button in Settings.



13 thoughts on “Content Manager

  1. really hats off to your work, and thankful for your work and sharing with the community, would be happy to donate for your CONTENT MANAGER with AcTools Car Manager integrated into it! looking forward to it and AcTools Car Manager is badly missed already!


    1. Sorry, I removed it so it wouldn’t look like I encourage some author rights violations — looks like some folks are really against it.

      (Just in case, speaking of R33 — you can get all of it sources on its page, including all original psd-files and stuff.)


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