Welcome to Assetto Corsa Baked Shadow site! At the beginning it was just a little blog where I posted some changed mods (with changes like added AO, fixed steering animation, materials and stuff; I’m sorry for all those changes I did without asking, it won’t happen again), but now it’s mostly original content — some cars, some showrooms, some articles about modding which you can find useful. And, of course, some apps as well.

Thanks for support to Peter Utecht, hazardic, Vital Lambrechts, Rodrigo Sanchez and Oliver Kuchendorf!


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  1. Thanks for your work. I will try to provide reliable and honest feedback for you. I appreciate you trying to work on some of the many forgotten projects as well.

    Steam name: dctoe

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  2. Awesome site and thank you for your work!!

    I have been working on improving modded cars myself, fixing many things in 3DS Max, mainly mesh smoothing (it seems that tons and tons of the converted models don’t transfer mesh smoothing or never had it in the first place). Also, since I have some of the cars in 3DS Max, I’ve started the lengthy and tedious process of redoing the UV mapping from scratch. The end result makes a huge difference, but it’s a very long process. Once I have the cars ready I will work on the physics in an attempt to make them more accurate to how they’re supposed to be.

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    1. I’m not sure I know what are smoothing problems you’re talking about (there are some problems, for example, with drifting Volvo, but they are very rare). But I’m glad somebody else fixing all this stuff. If you want, you could write me on Facebook or something like that and I can give you some advice about baked shadows or materials.

      Physic mostly is a sad theme, especially with ports. Good luck, in the first place with this part, sometimes it’s a mess.

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      1. How can I find you on facebook? I’d like to chat with you about the work I do and help you with your projects. Maybe we can combine our efforts because it seems we both do similar work. I mainly work in 3DS Max cleaning up and fixing models.


  3. Hello from Barcelona friend !!!
    What a good work you do !!! Thank you verey much and keep on the good work !!!
    Two things …
    I cannot find the link for the Mercedes 300 SL ???
    and … I dare to ask … can you fix (and “bake”) the Aston Martin DB5 ??? I’ve always loved this car !!!

    Thanks again !!!

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    1. Ok, of course, I’ll do it. Last version is beta 0.7, right?

      > I cannot find the link for the Mercedes 300 SL ???
      Sorry, turns out it isn’t ready yet, there were some problems with mesh and physic.

      UPD: On the second thought – sorry, but no. Author didn’t even set proper sizes, weight and gear ratios! Torque curve (power.lut) is just invalid. I think now it’s not worth to go check suspension data – with this attitude I bet there is just a mess.

      When materials are wrong (and they are very wrong), it’s ok (maybe he just doesn’t care about look), but this guy even didn’t try to make physic. Come on, it supposed to be a simulator!

      Friend of mine now learning how to do suspension, I’ll ask him to try to fix this car. Or, you know, maybe Full Throttle will make another mod from scratch.


      1. Thanks friend, don’t worry, I like especially classic cars ant this is an iconic one, but there are so many good ones … it’s difficult to find enough time to try them !!!
        Thanks for your good work, your baked cars look terrific !!!

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  4. Hallo,

    You make a very good job and i need help in reworking a car,Audi S4 Competition.
    Would be nice when you have time for it!



    1. Thank you! I would be, but its suspension physic is 85% matches physic (85% of all significant properties are exactly the same) of Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV. This is a very cool looking car, but there are a lot of mods which require some visual improvements and have proper physic. So, I think, later, ok? 🙂


      1. So that’s why it drives so well then 🙂 Ok sure, just keep it in mind when you see these spaceship Civics on the streets around you, hopefully it will grow on you and you’ll decide to come back to it 🙂 Cheers!


  5. Hi,

    If you can check the Subaru BRZ GT300 it will be great. It is a very good looking car, but very bad treated by the mod team.
    Car scale looks wrong, and physics need to be checked too.



    1. Sorry, but it’s an awful port. Terrible model quality, taken from BMW M235i sound and, I suspect, stolen from BMW M3 DTM (by URD) physics.

      Maybe we’ll try to rework everything later (when schedule won’t be so busy). Sorry again.


  6. just curious, will AcTools Cars Manager be further developed and supported, helping users who have problems or is this already dropped, since you are working on CONTENT MANAGER, and will AcTools Cars Manager be integrated into CONTENT MANAGER?
    since really disappointing to see one of the best if not THE BEST tool just fade away…AcTools Cars Manager, RIP!


    1. Most likely no, sorry. Right now, Content Manager can do almost everything Cars Manager could (if you need some specific feature to be ported quicker, just tell me on CM’s Trello board), and overall it’s much more stable and reliable (that old thing was a mess).

      And, anyway, Cars Manager is open-source (and Content Manager as well), so, you know, somebody else could join in if they want to. 🙂

      (Sorry I missed your comment, I sort of forget about this blog since I removed all those mods I’ve fixed.)


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