Some Disclaimers

I moved some stuff here from About page.

Disclaimer: originally created (or ported) stuff is only in Cars (New) categories (well, also apps and stuff)! Everything else is modified content which was made by someone else! If you’re going to reupload this stuff on some,, etc., please, please! don’t add “author: x4fab”. I’m not an author, I’ve just changed a few details!

Another disclaimer: if you’re original author and you don’t like that I’ve changed & reuploaded you car here, just tell it in comments or somehow else. I’ll remove it, and sorry for bothering.

Third disclaimer (more like apology): most (but not all) of those fixes were made without asking for permission. I just didn’t thought that’s necessary (and also didn’t thought this blog ever will get any visiters, and, to be honest, I’m not very good with words to ask about stuff). Excuse me, I’m very sorry about it. I think I’ll remove them later.