Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R Drift (v1.1)

UPD: Get new version (1.3.2) here.

UPD (1.1): Differential’s preload value adjusted.

UPD (1.0.4): Physics updated with new, more precise and detailed suspension, overall balance improved; some visual problems fixed.

Author: physic & sound by Dmitrii A., model by Dmitrii A. & x4fab

This is a special rear wheel drive drift version:

  • RB26DETT with turbo Garret 1.5bar, ≈560bhp (490bhp on wheels)
  • Front suspension: Wisefab S13 Kit
  • Rear suspension: custom
  • Adjustable coilovers
  • Rims: WedsSport TC105N
  • JUN Aero Body Kit

The most nicely done port from Forza we ever made. For example, I found a way to smooth stitched seats and make AO for them. Or instead of regular damages we tried to recreate drift-specific dents. Also, we took turbo gauge from very nicely done 180SX for sort of consistency.

Some of them as a little experiment were painted using old Wacom tablet.



If you want to add your own skin (UV isn’t quite original, but pretty good), here is a template.

And here is all source files (including max- and psd-ones from car and skins).


7 thoughts on “Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R Drift (v1.1)

  1. my favorite drift car to be honest. very sleak well done, 10/10.

    the only thing that could make it more interesting, any chance could make carbon fibre black hood?
    and larger spoiler with custom base colors?
    i have never seen a mod like that. But i always see something new, especially here.


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